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Got a question? Embarrassed to ask? Check below... Your massage should be a fun, friendly, relaxing experience! If you are curious about what people often ask or have something you are not sure about, then read our answers below to some of the questions we are often asked.

Whereabouts are you located ?

we are a mobile massage service operating all around the world and some surrounding areas. our therapists will visit you at your home, hotel or office. sorry, we do not have any in-call facilities for you to visit.

What times are you open ?

We Povied Our services for 24/7

Do I need to provide anything for the massage ?

Nothing At all!

What I wear when I have a massage ?

for all oil massage you should undress. and it's up to you.

What kind of girls work for us?

A lot of our girls doing this job as a part time job, some also do it professonal. Every Girl can apply to work for us and she will get a chance to get business here, but all girls are independent, so that means we do not have "ugly girls" in our center we will send to you. If you like a girls profile here, than we arrange a date with exactly the girl you selected.

Can I take the girl to my hotel room?

All our girls are "normal" girls like your girlfriend or a girl from your company would be, so it is no problem for them to go to the hotel room. If there will be any problem, you also can go out to meet them, than come back to your hotel together. This way no hotel in Shanghai will have any problems, because she will look like a friend come with you.

Can I pay with Credit Card?

Prices are subject to change without notice. We have made every effort to ensure our pricing is 100% true to the designer's pricing policy; however, we can not honor typographical errors.

I don`t have enough RMB, but other currency. Problem?

This should be no problem. If you have "major" currency like Dollar, Euro or like that, you also can pay with that.

When do I have to Pay?

If you meet the girl, you will first clear the sevice and price, than as a gentleman, you should give to her freely, as a real gentleman, you hand it over in a private hidden way, so as there is no fee. Than the girl will feel like your friend, not like your employee.

I have some special service Fantasy, but I can not find it here?

We only publish some information public, because we don`t want to shame the girl. But we have very detailed information about what our girls like to do and what they don`t like to, so if you have any special requirement, feel free to send us a e-mail, and we will tell you, which girls will also be willing to join your fantasy.

My Girl don`t speak Englisch. How can it work?

We try to select girls with good english skills, but some are worth to entertain you, even they have low or even no english skills. But in this case you first can communicate with them by body language. We also provide a dictionary here, so you can show the girl what you expect her to do, and if you really need help, you can call our hotline, explain the girl there what you want her to translate, than hand over the phone to the girl, and our hotline support will explain the situation to the girl.

I am not satisfied with the girl. What can we do?

You stay some time with the girl allready, but she is not willing to do what you expect and you don`t feel relaxed and hot with her. What can we do? If you feel like that, please call us immediately as long as the girl is with you. Than our hotline service will talk with the girl directly and try to find a solution. Could be we can find another girl for you, could be we can reduce the price. Just let us try to find a solution.

The Girl arrived, but she don`t look like I expected?

We only use real pictures on our page, so that should not happend, but still in the case you changed your mind, please be nice to her, find some friendly words and send her away. She will not be angry with you. If you feel generous, you are free to give her some taxi money to cover her expense, but this is up to you. We will not ask for that and the girl also not allowed to ask. But please send us a information about that case. We would like to know, what happend and we would also like to use feedback like that to make our service better and better.

What is the different between you and the other massage Agencies?

The other agencies you will find here in Shanghai normaly try to get your booking and send any girl to you, nothing to do with the girl you booked. They take the first cheap one that is available that time. We only work together with real independent girls here in Shanghai. That means, if you ask for Amy, we will send Amy, if she is busy, we will try to arrange another date or recommend another girl for you. But our promise is: what you see is what you get. No ugly girl, no cheating, only fun.

I have a date, but no time now. What can we do?

If you have arranged a date, but now you are not free any more, please inform us as soon as possible. We are very understanding for that, but if the Girl will spend a lot of time and money to arrive there, but than no gentleman show up, it will be very frustrating for the girl, so please send us a message, e-mail or call us to cancel the date as early as possible.

Can I ask for a specific Girl for massage ?

Sure. you can, You may select the girl according to your city Beijing Girl | kunming Girl | Shanghai Girl More Cities

How do I pay ?

We Accept Cash Only with USD Euro RMB.

Can i cancel my booking ?

we understand that unexpected changes can happen.

How long it will take the girl to arrive ?

Not More than 30 mins

Do I need to pay by extra fee ?

Just two way taxi fee, the girl will show you the taxi receipt

Hold On my question hasn't been answered ?

no problem, just send us an email by clicking here and we'll be happy to answer it!

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